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U.S. Navy Helicopter Combat Support Squadron SEVEN
"Combat SAR Prevents POWs"

     September 1st 1967 marked the beginning of one of the most storied periods in US Naval Aviation History with the establishment of Helicopter Combat Support Squadron SEVEN (HC-7), the "SEADEVILS". The next 7 years and 9 months were filled with no finer examples of dedication, professionalism and heroic acts. This site is a tribute to those that served in this historic Naval Aviation Squadron. In these pages you can learn about the men, machines and missions of the squadron in supporting the war to preserve the independence of the Republic of South Vietnam and support the operations of the U.S. Seventh Fleet.

     At establishment, HC-7 was tasked with multiple missions including Logistics, Vertical Replenishment, Seventh Fleet Flagship, Mine Countermeasure, Oceanographic, home station SAR and Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR). It didn't take long before the Navy realized that the CSAR mission deserved the complete attention of the unit and all other missions were tasked to other squadrons. This left HC-7 as the Navy's only active duty squadron dedicated to CSAR to ever exist. The CSAR mission was not new; it was being accomplished by HC and HS squadrons as an additional duty. HC-7 however turned the lessons learned by the other units into a functional CSAR doctrine that would be its sole focus.

     This site is also dedicated to the families of the men who served so proudly in HC-7. These wives and families were in the unique position of often "standing alone" while their husbands and fathers rotated individually in and out of Detachments 101 - 116, Yankee Station and various small boys of the Seventh Fleet. These women did what had to be done, set the standard for the CAN DO model and managed to smile through their tears as they waited at home.

     Five quotes that will assist you in forming an accurate perception of HC-7;
• "It is easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission" - Rear Admiral Grace Hopper.
• "McHale's Navy with Helicopters" - Unknown
• The "Orphans of the Seventh Fleet" - Flag Officer
• "Heroes are not born nor made, they are victims of circumstance wherein they perform beyond any calling." - L. Parthemer
• "Helicopters can’t fly, They just beat the air into submission" - Robert "Todd" (Combat) Conlin

     It is the intent of this collection to be as historically correct as possible. Much of the information is well documented, but other items are from the San Miguel and Akadama clouded memories of fellow Seadevils. We are open to corrections, clarifications and additions any Seadevil wishes to contribute. AAAUUURRRHHHAAA !

Seadevils Ron Milam - HC-7 Historian, Bob McGowan - Web Master